Mr. Dibbs

Deadworld Reborn

Limited picture disc vinyl available NOW from Fifth Element. Only 1,000 pieces will be made of this 12".

BUY NOW at Bandcamp.

This is a Pay What You Want album, all proceeds go to the family and 2 year old daughter of Dibbs' late friend, Skandal.



12.1.15 — Open Letter To The Community From Siddiq —

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Latest Release

  • May 7th 2013
  • Vinyl

Mr. Dibbs

Deadworld Reborn Vinyl Picture Disc

Mr. Dibbs has become one of the most respected and innovative turntablist/dj style producers in the game. Last year Mr. Dibbs died for approximately 53 seconds, one short month after the quiet release of Deadworld.

Held up in the hospital for a few weeks, Dibbs was an inadvertent resident of an impromptu hip hop retirement home. Battling leukemia on the floor above him was his longtime friend Marcus “Skandal da Ruckus Man” Mitchell. An epic MC and producer, of equally epic bodily proportions, Skandal’s heart was big, but his production skills and lyrical largesse were even bigger.

Mr. Dibbs was found... in the strong lifeline we’ve all come to know and love as Skandal. Skandal lost his life in October last year, but even thru his passing he made Dibbs feel important enough to be reborn. ‘Deadword Reborn’ was digitally released last november with all procceds going to Skandal’s daughter. Now for the first time ever ‘Deadworld Reborn’ is available in physical form as a 12” picture…

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Merch: Fifth Element
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Rumor has it that Mr. Dibbs once battled God...It's said that he lost but came in a close second. This would probably explain the horns as well as why Mr. Dibbs has become one of the most respected and innovative turntablist/dj style producers in the game. When the Invisibl Skratch Piklz get asked what break records are among their favorite and most used, Mr. Dibbs Unearthed series is always listed as a must have for any turntablist. This same Unearthed break record series has also been the break record of choice by numerous DMC & ITF DJ Champions such as Dj Craze, Dj Klever, Mixmaster Mike (see. Beastie Boys 3MC's & 1DJ video & song) and too many others to mention.